Health Systems look towards impact investing to make a difference

Apr 18, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests


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Impact Investing and a Trip to the Vatican

I recently had the very good fortune of visiting Italy with my family during my kid’s spring break.  I had been to Italy once before – about 15 years ago – but this time was different for two main reasons.  The first reason is that I was going to see Italy through my daughters’ eyes.  They are nine and twelve – great ages for travel, and even more importantly, great ages to understand and learn about another culture, cuisine, and language.  The second reason is that on this trip to Italy, specifically my visit to the Vatican, I had a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Catholic religion given my experiences working at CCM over the last 14 years, where we have many Catholic clients who invest in our impact investing strategies and where I attend many Catholic conferences – speaking with and learning from the women religious and clergy.

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Impact Investing with a Focus on Immigrants/Refugees

Apr 05, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

Many of our clients have recently inquired about our ability to customize impact investments that can positively benefit immigrants/refugees.  Regardless of recent political debate – or perhaps in light of it – these groups are the focus of many foundations, philanthropies, and other investment businesses.  And that makes sense given one in seven U.S. residents is foreign born – roughly 13.7% of the population – and account for 17 percent of the civilian labor force.1

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Promoting Minority Advancement through Investing

Apr 01, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

Income inequality in the United States is at an all-time high even as the country’s unemployment statistics get better, down to 3.2% at the end of 2018; however, the African-American unemployment rate is nearly twice that of Caucasian workers.1  

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The Recent Rise of Solar Loans

Mar 22, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

Wanting to go more environmentally friendly with a solar panel system? Forget about cash purchases or solar leases, solar loans are all the buzz right now.  These loans are designed for consumers who lack the capital for a cash purchase, but still want to maximize the financial benefits of a solar installation. 

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Who runs the world? Girls.

Mar 15, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

Building on the momentum in 2018 for women’s rights from #metoo and gender inequality to political power, the movement shows no signs of slowing down and continues to pick up speed a few months into 2019.  This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  This month, designated as Women’s History Month, has been highly publicized with last Friday’s International Women’s Day helping to bring awareness to the month and spotlighting gender inequality across the globe. 

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Impact/ESG reporting at CCM

Mar 08, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

There were over $12 trillion of U.S. assets under management with impact/ESG incorporation as of October 2018.1 This equates to one in every four dollars of the total assets under management in the US – and is a 38% increase from 2016.  US SIF started their biennial report on Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends in 1995 and since then, the industry has grown by over 18 times.2


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Disproving the Myth that Impact/ESG Investing Often Results in Lower Returns

Mar 01, 2019 - Impact Investing, ESG by CCM Invests

The belief that impact/ESG investing could potentially mean sacrificing returns has been a longstanding concern of advisors and investors. While most people like the idea of investing in companies generating positive social and environmental impacts, they are often cautious of doing so if they believe that it could negatively affect their financial returns. Fortunately, data produced over the past decade has confirmed that impact/ESG investing and strong returns can, and often do, go hand-in-hand.

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Impact Investing: Millennials Driving Shift from Fad to Mainstream

According to a recent Fundfire interview with Chris Hyzy, CIO for U.S. Trust and Merrill Lynch, his firm’s most recent annual survey confirms that an increasing number of high net worth individuals are pairing their investments with their beliefs by allocating to impact/ESG investments.1  Mr. Hyzy notes that the increase of interest in impact/ESG investing has been “a consistent trend over the years of the survey.. [with] the shift going up in all demographics, from boomers on down to millennials.” 2 

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What Makes a Company Impactful?

Today, many companies are producing goods and services with the mission of making the world a better place. Here are a few examples:

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