Top 3 Blogs from the first half of 2018

July 2018 | ESG investing

As we enter the second half of the year, we highlight our most popular blog posts to date from 2018. 


-The CCM Team

Incorporating Impact Investing: Roadmap for Financial Advisors

Impact Investing: Roadmap for Financial Advisors

One of the questions we often hear from financial advisors who are considering adding impact/ESG investing strategies into client portfolios is, “Where do I start?” Where to start might seem like the most difficult stage but there are a multitude of resources and products in impact/ESG investing to make the initial step easier.

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The Growing Demand for ESG Investing in North America

The Growing Demand for ESG Investing in North America

When it comes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, Europe has been light years ahead of North America. The 2014 Global Sustainable Investment Review noted that 58.8% of European invested assets at the time were invested in a sustainable way, compared to 31.1% in Canada and 17.9% in the United States. In July 2017, Schroders revealed that in its Global Investor Study of Institutional Investors, 58% of pension fund investors in Europe already see ESG as in important consideration—only 21% feel that way in the U.S.

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5 Tips to Help RIAs Talk with Clients about Impact Investing

5 Tips for RIAs to Talk About Impact Investing

With tremendous growth in SRI, ESG and Impact Investing, many RIAs are only scratching the surface of how impact can enhance client relationships and grow their business. As more clients look to align their portfolios with their values, are your clients embracing impact investing? Do you know if they are interested? Do you feel empowered to have those conversations with them? 

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