ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet the CCM Annual Impact Awards 2018 Winner

December 2018 | Impact Awards

2018 Impact Award Winner - Hawthorne EcoVillage

We’re happy to announce that Hawthorne EcoVillage Apartments is the winner of the CCM Annual Impact Awards for 2018 and Project for Pride in Living (PPL), a nonprofit that built and manages the property, will receive a $10,000 donation. PPL builds the hope, assets, and self-reliance of individuals and families who have lower incomes by providing transformative affordable housing and employment readiness services. This year’s Impact Awards featured five impactful bond investments made during the calendar year, with participants voting for their favorite investment story. We are extremely proud of all the investments in the contest and their multiple positive environmental and social outcomes. 

“It is always extremely hard for us to narrow down our investments and share only five stories for the Impact Awards as all of our investments are deserving of being selected.  We are excited to recognize and support Hawthorne EcoVillage Apartments and PPL as both embody a number of our impact themes and align with our passion to improve the lives of families and communities in need.” – Alyssa Greenspan, President and COO of Community Capital Management 

The winner, Hawthorne EcoVillage Apartments, is an affordable rental property in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The property was built on what was once a set of vacant lots, home to drug crime, foreclosures, and crumbling houses. Located in a low-income, majority-minority and high-poverty census tract, Hawthorne EcoVillage is helping to revitalize the Lyndale and Lowry intersection and be a catalyst for additional housing development in the area. The apartments are part of a multi-phase community project to build sustainable and affordable green living residences.

Project for Pride in Living

Photo Credit: Project for Pride in Living

The 75 units at Hawthorne EcoVillage are part of over 1,300 units of safe, quality, affordable housing built and managed by PPL throughout the Twin Cities available to households making less than 60% of the area median income.  In addition to affordable housing, PPL also provides no cost employment readiness services for residents and internships with a PPL employer partner.

Congratulations, Hawthorne EcoVillage Apartments! We look forward to visiting the property in the new year and seeing its multiple community benefits first-hand.




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