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March 2019 | ESG

There were over $12 trillion of U.S. assets under management with impact/ESG incorporation as of October 2018.1 This equates to one in every four dollars of the total assets under management in the US – and is a 38% increase from 2016.  US SIF started their biennial report on Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends in 1995 and since then, the industry has grown by over 18 times.2


Image source: US SIF Trends Report


As appetite for impact/ESG has grown, new reports have emerged to capture and share impact outcomes and metrics.  Impact reporting is particularly important as a communication strategy to convey the positive outcomes from a particular investment or strategy.

As a pioneer in impact/ESG investing, CCM has been reporting on the positive outcomes of its investments since it began managing assets in 1999.  In 2013, our team was thinking of new ways to show not just individual metrics from a security but overall, how CCM makes a positive impact to communities and families in need nationwide on behalf of its clients.  This led to the creation of our first annual impact report.  We are proud to say that each year, our impact report gets bigger and better with more impact themes, quantitative metrics, and ways to capture impact.  We continuously look for ways to improve upon the report, year after year, to ensure we are setting the highest industry standards.


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Given our success with the annual impact report, last year, we decided to follow suit and create an impact/ESG report for our liquid alternative income strategy.  We had reached the strategy’s five-year anniversary and were looking at ways to better communicate its impact/ESG approach.  What better way than to create another impact/ESG report discussing how impact/ESG factors influence our investment approach and process in an effort to make investment decisions. 

Impact measurement and reporting is a key aspect of impact/ESG investing and we look forward to continuing to provide these reports to clients and prospects.  We are excited to make them available and welcome any and all feedback. 

In case you haven’t yet downloaded a copy:

  • Our 2018 Annual Impact Report is available here
  • Our 2018 Impact/ESG for CCMNX (liquid alternative strategy) is available here



1US SIF Trends Report 2018


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