Supporting Causes that Align with CCM’s Impact Themes

October 2019 | ESG

As an organization, CCM is committed to making positive societal impacts not only through its investments, but also by helping local community groups through charitable donations. Each year, we donate to a variety of charities chosen by our employees. 

This past week, one of our CCM team members participated in a local fundraising event, JAFCO’s In My Shoes Luncheon.  This event supports and recognizes devoted families in our community who are raising children with development disabilities. JAFCO’s mission is to care for abused and neglected children and those with disabilities in the Jewish community and to work in partnership with families across the entire community.  This great cause aligns with two of our impact themes – Education/Childcare and Seniors/Disabled.

Luncheon - jamie

CCM’s Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Horwitz at JAFCO’s Luncheon

A few weeks ago, at a national Catholic conference, CCM team members hosted a ring toss donation at the firm’s exhibit booth to raise money in support of disaster recovery relief in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian.  Participants got three tries (and sometimes a few extra shots) to have the ring land on a designated dollar amount. We are pleased to report that the event was extremely successful, raising over $1,000 going to the Bahamas Red Cross. This very important cause aligns with our impact theme of Disaster Recovery.

Charitable giving and community service are key attributes of CCM’s culture. We believe these efforts strengthen our dedication to positive impact and outcomes.  We look forward to sharing more of our fundraising events and community service volunteer activities in upcoming blogs as well as in our 2019 Annual Impact Report.

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