Working to Make Home Equity Equitable for African-Americans

Feb 27, 2018 - Impact Investing by CCM Invests

Racial inequalities in the housing market are still quite deep. In the decade from 2006 - 2016, African-American homeownership declined nearly 6 percentage points which is more than any other racial group and is double the decline among whites. African-Americans began that 10-year period with the lowest homeownership rate and at the end of the year, they still had the lowest.

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Impact Investing and Racial Equality

Feb 23, 2018 - Impact Investing by CCM Invests

In a positive step for social justice, the employment gap between black workers and white workers has reached a historic low. In honor of Black History Month, the impact investment team at Community Capital Management is increasingly (albeit it cautiously) optimistic about the forward progress toward racial equality in America.

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