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May 2019 | ESG

As a firm that prides itself on a client-centric culture, we always look to align the values-focused nature of our client base with our own practices.  From inclusion in the hiring and promotion process to implementing programs that support work/life balance, the environment and our local communities, we like to […]

One little straw, one big difference
May 2019 | ESG

Nearly 800,000 volunteers partnered with the Ocean Conservatory in 2017 to remove more than 20 million pieces of trash from beaches and waterways throughout the world.1  This may seem like a lot, however the amount of marine debris, specifically the concentration of plastic pollution, is growing at alarming rates.  According […]

New Report from US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable Responsible Investment
May 2019 | ESG

Throughout the year, many of our impact/ESG partners release various reports discussing and evaluating sustainable and responsible investing.  These reports contain statistics, introduce new products, and help to relieve some stigmas associated with the industry.  Our friends at the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment released a […]

CCM employees giving back to their alma maters
May 2019 | ESG

With graduation season upon us, many of us become nostalgic about our college days – taking new classes, meeting friends from around the globe, and learning skills that will hopefully come in handy in the next chapter of our lives.  Our alma maters typically hold a special place in our […]