The Nomenclature of Impact Investing

Sep 08, 2015 - Impact Investing by CCM Invests

The nomenclature of impact investing may sometimes feel like an ever-changing conundrum of words, acronyms and mysterious sounds. Confusing is probably an understatement. In an effort to help sort out SRI to ESG to MRI, we are devoting this blog to the cacophony of names surrounding impact investing. We can’t promise we included them all because the list is quite long so let’s begin…

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A Positive Outcomes-Based Impact Investing Approach

Aug 05, 2015 - Positive Screening by CCM Invests

Screening a portfolio is not a “one-size-fits-all” scenario. Investors have varying social values. This seems to be most prevalent in equities and corporate debt as a result of investors seeking investments in companies with positive environmental, social and governance records. Many institutional investors have policies in place that clearly set forth their positive screening factors.   What if, though, there were investments where investors didn’t have to decide if a company was or wasn’t in line with their values or missions? It seems that many market-rate asset classes that have clear qualitative and quantitative outcomes get lost in the shuffle when it comes to positive screening.   Here are a few examples:

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Green Bond Labeling

Jul 08, 2015 - Green Bonds by CCM Invests

We recently contributed a blog post to AlphaBaskets, AdvisorShares blog, on defining the ‘green’ in a green bond. There continues to be an ongoing debate on labeling. For the investors we speak with, many still aren’t aware that there are bonds in the marketplace, not labeled ‘green’, that are financing remarkable and important environmental projects. You might be wondering what types of bonds finance green initiatives that don’t necessarily have a ‘green’ label? Here are just a few examples of those we purchase:

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Fossil Fuel Free Fixed Income

Jun 08, 2015 - Fossil Fuel Free by CCM Invests

Divestment from fossil fuel companies is a hot topic and may be a good long-term investment strategy. Many initially think of equities and fossil fuel stocks, specifically risks of the coal, oil, and gas sector. However, investors or their managers may also own corporate bonds issued by these companies in their fixed income portfolios. Divestment includes getting rid of stocks, bonds, investment funds, or any investment for that matter that a client finds unethical or morally ambiguous. It is important to look across all of your investments to see what kind of holdings may be linked to fossil fuel companies.

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