CCM Partners with CNote

July 2020 | CCM News

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are entities that CCM has supported and invested in many different forms over our 20-year history. From short-term placements in CDFI issued notes to direct CDFI bond issuances, CCM continues to expand our opportunity set of liquid and high-quality investments. We are therefore excited to announce our partnership with CNote.

CNote is a women-founded and women-led impact investing platform.1 Working exclusively with federally certified CDFIs and low-income designated credit unions, CNote offers fixed income and cash opportunities that cover all 50 states and allow investors to customize their investments. Investors can target 26 unique investing themes, that includes Refugee Crisis and Immigration Issues, Climate Change, Affordable Housing, Racial Equity and maps investments with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Place-Based investing is also offered as an option and investors can target specific geographies (from a regional to a city focus) and communities.2

In collaboration with CDFI Partners, CNote works to drive investment capital to under-served communities and build a more inclusive economy for all. Here is a story of how Kamanu Composites, a Hawaiian based canoe-building small business switched to making face shields to weather the COVID-19 storm by applying to a Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), through a local credit union and CNote partner. The PPP loan received allowed Kamanu Composites to keep their business open and helped achieve the demand of face shields for frontline workers and hospitals in Hawaii.3

CCM is excited to partner with CNote; if you would like to know more about CDFIs and their offerings available for impact investors, we invite you to download our report CDFI Investing for the Impact Investor.




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