Considering ESG/SRI Impact Themes and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

October 2017 | ESG investing

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change.  Many of our impact themes at Community Capital Management overlap with the SDGs themes such as human empowerment, environmental sustainability, and education. While it is only by happenstance that there are 17 SDGs and that we, too, offer clients 17 thematic impact initiatives, it is no coincidence that all our themes parallel the missions of the U.N. SDGs. Below, we list in illustrations how our investors can embrace themes to contribute to a sustainable society.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.pngCCM Impact Themes.png








We are extremely proud of the nearly $8 billion we have invested in ESG, SRI, and impact initiatives on behalf of our clients since 1999.  As a pioneer in impact investing, we are never satisfied with status quo and are continually adding to our impact themes based on client-driven demand, internal discussions, and research while leveraging the process utilized by our investment team to track multiple positive-based outcomes.  We will monitor the SDGs and how they align with our themes as we continue to build and innovate.Goals.png


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