How are Community Foundations Making Place-Based Impact Investments

September 2023 | Place-Based Investing

We recently shared a new report, Community Foundations and Place-Based Impact Investments, which takes a closer look at the options for driving impact for community foundations, the benefits offered to community foundations when they complement traditional grantmaking with place-based impact investing, the lifecycle of place-based impact investments, and case studies of community foundations making place-based impact investments.

We believe one of the most impactful sections of the report is the case studies section and are extremely appreciative of the California Community Foundation, Adirondack Foundation, and Battle Creek Community Foundation for participating in our report and answering a variety of questions on their impact investing experiences. Questions include the opportunities and challenges the foundations experienced in making impact investments and how their foundations have been able to expand and leverage impact investing to promote the flow of capital for social good in their local communities.

We welcome you to download the report and register for an upcoming webinar featuring David Sand, CCM’s chief impact strategist, sharing more details on the report and place-based impact investing.

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