Impact and ESG Investing Post Election

November 2020 | ESG investing

Last week, all eyes were focused on Tuesday, November 3rd. Election day was filled with much uncertainty of what the next four years will bring and what the outcome would mean for impact and ESG investing. After four long days, we finally gained some clarity.

President-elect Joe Biden’s victory anticipates having positive implications for investors that focus on environmental and social outcomes, even if Congress remains divided. We believe the new administration will be amenable to environmental and social issues and causes. A recent Barron’s story highlighted some potential areas where policy changes and investment trends affecting impact and ESG investing are likely to evolve. They include prioritizing social businesses, improving corporate ESG disclosures, reforming the community reinvestment act (CRA) and boosting CDFIs, and supporting clean energy and sustainable business models.1 The President-Elect already shared his intentions of rejoining the Paris Agreement  

We are optimistic that this new administration will have a much-needed positive affect to impact and ESG investing. We are excited to see what changes are in store and how our opportunity set of impact investments can continue to expand and grow. One thing we believe to be true is that regardless of the political environment, the impact and ESG arena will continue to get bigger.      



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