Incorporating Impact Investing: Roadmap for Financial Advisors

May 2018 | Impact Investing

One of the questions we often hear from financial advisors who are considering adding impact/ESG investing strategies into client portfolios is, “Where do I start?” Where to start might seem like the most difficult stage but there are a multitude of resources and products in impact/ESG investing to make the initial step easier.US SIF Guide- Download today  US SIF recently prepared a new guide “Incorporating Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Into Your Practice, A Roadmap for Financial Advisors”, to help with this exact question. It is geared to advisors who want to learn more about incorporating impact investing into their practices and looks to help them begin the process from scratch or deepen the process they are already using. 

The roadmap mentions a study from Eaton Vance which surveyed over 1,000 financial advisors and found that while only 21 percent said responsible investing is currently important to their practices, 70 percent reported that their clients have requested responsible investing strategies. This gap suggests that many financial advisors have an enormous business opportunity if they can introduce the subject of responsible investing to clients or follow up when clients express interest.

The report will be presented at the upcoming US SIF Annual Conference, May 30 – June 1, 2018. Community Capital Management’s President & COO, Alyssa Greenspan, CFA, board member of US SIF, will be attending the conference and we encourage you to download the guide and consider attending the conference to learn more.


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