July Mid-Year Update

July 2023 | Markets

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar with Andy Kaufman, CCM’s chief investment officer, where he shared details on current events and economic indicators influencing our view on the economy, markets, and sustainability issues. We will be posting a replay of the webinar here next week.

In conjunction with the webinar, we are sharing a new perspective on CCM’s 2023 mid-year economic outlook. Despite inflation levels that remain more than double their pre-pandemic levels, the resiliency of the U.S. consumer surprised investors, many of whom had entered the quarter believing that the first quarter banking crisis would contribute to an economic slowdown. The U.S. economy has so far avoided what many experts assumed to be inevitable for 2023: a recession.

CCM’s 2023 mid-year economic outlook takes a look at how key critical economic indicators have fared thus far in 2023 and what remains for investors as they continue to face potentially challenging environments. These include economic growth, employment, and corporate earnings.

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