Meet the Winner of Community Capital Management’s First Annual Impact Awards

December 2017 | Impact Awards


It’s the season of giving and of honoring those who work diligently to make a positive impact on others. In that spirit, Community Capital Management recently announced that Barrier Free Living Apartments is the winner of its first annual impact awards for 2017 and will receive a $10,000 donation. CCM’s “Impact Awards 2017” featured five impactful bond stories during the year with participants voting for their favorite over the last month. The contest recognizes fixed income impact investments and their multiple positive environmental and social outcomes.

Barrier Free Living Apartments was designed and built for 50 families with a disabled head of household who is a victim or survivor of domestic violence and 70 studios primarily for individuals with disabilities who have been victims of intimate partner violence. The agency has an onsite team of social workers, occupational therapists, a nurse practitioner and child care specialists that address activities of daily living training, vocational support, assistance with navigating health and social support systems, child care, community building events, and more. Domestic violence is the number one issue of women with disabilities nationwide and Barrier Free Living is the largest provider in the nation of domestic violence intervention services for people with disabilities. The organization works with people with all types of disabilities including disabled veterans, survivors of domestic violence, homeless men, women, and children, helping them thrive in safe and supportive communities.BarrierFreeLivingApts.png

We are often asked to share our favorite fixed income impact investment stories – whether with a particular theme such as affordable housing, the environment or gender lens, or in a particular geographic region,” said Jamie Horwitz, chief marketing officer at CCM “We launched this competition as a way to showcase some of the best investment stories of the year – those that have positively supported many of our seventeen impact themes – while also incorporating a philanthropic twist by donating $10,000 to the winner.

Alyssa Greenspan, president and COO, added: “The other four nominees had equally impactful stories which included a green affordable housing development in Queens that had undergone substantial renovation after Hurricane Sandy, a sustainable urban design development in San Francisco, an affordable housing program for historically underserved communities in Oregon, and a day camp for children with cancer.  We are incredibly proud of our pioneering impact research that allows us to identify, record, and track the underlying environmental and social outcomes of every bond in our fixed income portfolios to be able to share these stories.  CCM’s Impact Awards will now be an annual contest to continue supporting the work that we do and the many wonderful organizations and properties that our investments help finance.

We are honored and thrilled to have won CCM’s first annual impact awards,” said Paul Feuerstein, President/CEO of Barrier Free Living.  “We strive for a world free from abuse and bias, where people with disabilities live in a supportive environment. CCM’s $10,000 donation will be used to further our vision for a barrier free world.

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