Think Pink

October 2019 | ESG

October is very important as it marks the official National Breast Cancer Awareness (NBCA) Month. According to the World Health Organization, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in the world, affecting one in every eight women in the U.S1.

With a pink ribbon as its universal symbol, the NBCA campaign aims to unite men and women in solidarity against the disease, educate them on diagnosis, treatment and myths, and raise money for research and treatment. Today, the movement goes beyond educational and monetary purposes, although still very important and needed. NBCA is also a tool to support those fighting breast cancer and to empower survivors that want to share their stories.

second pink octover2

CCM members wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Benefiting women and girls is among one of CCM’s  18 impact themes and we are happy to share that we have contributed to NBCA by donating $500 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  CCM is highly committed to contributing to positive women-related societal outcomes. Our Gender Lens impact theme focuses on investing in educational programs, health-related services, affordable homeownership, women leadership, workplace equity, and products and services beneficial to women and girls.

For more information on the NBCA Campaign and the different ways to contribute to Pink October, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Website. To learn more on how CCM  supports women and girls through its investments, read our report on Gender Lens Investing.



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