Ultra High Net Worth Group Embraces Impact Investing and Reporting

November 2017 | Impact Investing

2017.11 The ImPact _ LinkedIn.png

You’ve heard of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and maybe even The Giving Pledge, which requires participants to give away half their wealth. Did you know there is a similar initiative around impact investing? Some of the most influential families around the globe formed a group called The ImPact whose signatories have established a moral commitment to “invest for good.”

CNN Money did a spotlight on The ImPact which was created by Justin Rockefeller (a great-great grandson of John D. Rockefeller) and Josh Cohen (CIO of Tyden Ventures). ImPact includes founding members Liesel Pritzker Simmons (an heiress to the Hyatt Hotels fortune), Jason Ingle (great-great grandson of Henry Ford), and Jim Sorenson (son of businessman James LeVoy Sorenson). 125 families around the globe have been accepted into the invitation only group; their average net worth is $700 million.

The ImPact tracks the financial performance and social impact of its members’ investments and shares the information with the network. CNN quoted Abigail Noble, CEO of The Impact, “Families can not only view their own portfolio, but then also compare their portfolio with other families and learn and make decisions on how to make more impact investments more effectively.”

At Community Capital Management, we celebrate groups like The ImPact who are taking ESG and SRI investing to another level. Impact investors align their investment dollars with their mission of having a positive impact. It’s refreshing to see the group’s focus on reporting. Since 1999, CCM has worked to build high quality impact reports for our investors allowing them to see the quantifiable, tangible impact results of their allocation. So many investors focus only on financial reporting, but it is equally important to understand the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the social benefit of an investment as well.

To read more about The ImPact, please visit CNN Money.



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