Women’s History Month

March 2023 | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. In an industry that employs a very low percentage of women, we are proud to share that women comprise 63% of CCM team members and 50% of our investment team. 

As part of our marketing efforts tied in with Women’s History Month, we are excited to share our fifth report on the Women of CCM. We also announced last month that Alyssa Greenspan, CFA has been appointed CEO. Companies that have strong female executive leadership are traditionally more likely to attract female candidates and even more likely to nurture them throughout their career.

We asked a few of our women senior team members what are some ways to address the gender imbalance in the asset management industry and what they have seen as far as changes for women.

Miriam Legrand, Director of Credit Market/PM
“During my first analyst rotation, I was the only female in a male-dominated team. I remember going to lunches and conferences and being the only woman seated at the table. This gender imbalance was challenging early on. But the dynamic began to shift as my career evolved. It is important that organizations are intentional and target representation at all levels of the firm including in leadership positions. I remember being part of an all-female investment team and thinking how far the industry has come.”

Alyssa Greenspan, CEO and President
“Throughout my years in the asset management industry, I have seen a significant increase in the number of women working in various roles and across a variety of teams. I feel fortunate to work at CCM, where gender equality and diversity are priorities and are crucial to reducing the gender imbalance that persists. We are pleased with the firm’s progress and personally, I continually look for ways to mentor young women in the asset management field and/or those considering joining the industry.”

Kristin Fafard, Chief Investment Strategist
“It’s been great to see the number of women increasing in the investment industry, particularly in key decision-making functions like investment research, portfolio management, and leadership. I expect the gender dispersion to continue narrowing as the number of women in math and sciences grows and the number of women earning the CFA® charter increases.” 

Martha Schuman, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
“I believe it is important to guide young women interested in financial services and to be an advocate and supporter when possible. I think having women in the field as mentors is critical for decreasing the gender imbalance. While I still see more men in the industry, especially in the financial advisor role and within the wire houses, it’s been great to see the number of women increasing over the last decade.”

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